How To Make Dachshund Clothes – 4 Simple Ways

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Dog clothes are both fun and necessary. However, they are also expensive. So, you might be wondering how to make dachshund clothes? Here are 3 simple ways. Keep in mind that we’re not tailors – in reality, there are hundreds of different ways a skilled-enough person can fashion dachshund clothes. However, here we’ll rather cover the 4 simplest ways to go about it – ones that even inexperienced folks like us can figure out in a matter of minutes.


How To Make Dachshund Clothes?

So, what’s the trick to learning how to make dachshund clothes? It’s all in realizing that dachshund clothes are basically just long tubes of fabric with holes cut into them. This sounds pretty crude, but it’s also true. So, what are the 3 easy ways for making dachshund clothes?

How To Make Dachshund Clothes

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The first and most important step is to measure your dog. Specifically, look at the neck width, body width, and length, as well as the exact location of the legs. Remember to make male Doxie clothes shorter as you don’t want your dog to accidentally pee on its coat. Also, get some extra fabric for trial and error before you start.

1. Give Old Baby Clothes A New Life

Baby clothes are essentially dachshund clothes if the size matches. In the best case, you might even get by without doing anything! If you do need to resize the width, however, a couple of simple seams along the length can do the trick.

2. Repurpose Those Sweater Sleeves

What better fabric tube for your dachshund coat than an old sweater’s sleeve? Again, just make sure the width fits, and then it’s just a matter of cutting the proper length and picking the right spots for the leg holes.

3. How To Modify T-shirt To Fit Dog?

Modifying a t-shirt for a dog is almost as simple as using baby clothes. The only extra step is that you’d want to tighten the width of the shirt to fit your dog. You can do that easily by cutting a vertical section through the middle and then sewing the rest together. If you’re not a fan of sewing you can also use hot glue.

4. Start With A Flat Piece Of Fabric

The most “complex” method is to get a new (or old) flat piece of fabric and sew it into a tube of the appropriate width. From there, tighten the neck with an extra cut and seam. The last step is the familiar one – cut holes for the legs.


So, Is It Hard To Figure Out How To Make Dachshund Clothes?

Figuring out how to make dachshund clothes sounds hard but it really isn’t. Even if you have zero sewing skills, all you actually need is a pair of scissors and some hot glue. Granted, some sewing proficiency can help you craft something extra nice but even that’s easy to pick up.

So, whether you want to just modify some baby clothes or a sweater’s sleeve or you want to sew a flat piece of fabric, it really isn’t all that complicated. The one crucial part of the whole endeavor is getting your dog’s measurements right and that’s about it.

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How do you make a dachshund dog coat?

Dog coats are awesome and especially useful in the winter but they are also quite expensive. Additionally, as Doxies’ bodies are pretty low to the ground, their clothes tend to get lots of wear and tear which necessitates frequent wardrobe changes. This can be troublesome for your wallet, especially if you have more than one dog.
Fortunately, making a dachshund coat is actually quite simple once you realize that it’s basically just a large fabric tube with holes cut into it for the legs, head, and backside. All you need to do is get your dog’s measurements – the neck width, the chest and belly widths, as well as the exact locations of the legs – and you can now fashion even a simple sleeve from an old sweater into the perfect dachshund coat.
Or, if you have at least some sewing skills, you can get a flat piece of fabric and sew it into a tube of the appropriate size with one quick seam along the length. Adding sleeves or a collar to your dog’s coat can be more complicated but some simple sewing skills can help you craft four fabric tubes for the sleeves and sew them to the coat.

Do dachshunds need clothes?

As cute as they are, Doxies are not exactly weather-resistant. Dachshunds do best in moderate weather and can generally tolerate warm weather as well as most other dogs. Severe cold is no good for a dachshund, however, even though this breed comes from Germany.
Doxies have neither the body fat nor the thick coats of certain Siberian and Alaskan breeds to deal with extremely cold temperatures. What’s more, because of their short legs, dachshunds’ bodies are especially close to the ground which makes snow, ice, rain puddles, and even mere cold, damp grass much more of a problem for dachshunds than they are for other dog breeds.
So, simply put – yes, dachshunds do need clothes. Both winter coats and boots are an excellent addition to any dachshund owner’s arsenal for keeping these dogs safe and healthy. So, if you were of the opinion that dog clothes are just for show, then you were only partly right – the show is a big part of clothing your pet, of course, but come winter, there’s a very serious practical reason to put some insulation on your pet as well.

What size clothes does a dachshund wear?

Dachshund clothing lines are divided into six general size ranges – Petite, X-small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-large. Don’t confuse those with the size ranges of other dog breeds, of course. Even the largest dachshund is just a medium size at best compared to canines as a whole.
To give you a better idea as to what’s the right size for your dog, however, let’s put some numbers onto those terms:
Petite size is for body lengths of 11 to 12 inches and body width of 12 to 13 inches
X-small is for lengths of 12 to 13 inches and width of 13 to 15 inches
Small is for lengths of 13 to 14 inches and width of 14 to 17 inches
Medium is for lengths of 15 to 16 inches and width of 16 to 19 inches
Large is for lengths of 17 to 18 inches and width of 19 to 21 inches
X-large is for lengths of 19 to 20 inches and width of 21 to 23 inches
So, all you need to measure your dog and see what size clothing you’ll need to get.