Dachshund and Min Pin Mix Information - All You Need To Know


If you’re looking for a dog that’s affectionate, playful, and incredibly cute, look no further than the dachshund and min pin mix

What is a min pin and Dachshund mix called?

The most common name you’ll usually see for this adorable crossbreed is the Doxie Pin.

How much does a Doxie Pin cost?

As a non-purebred crossbreed, it’s difficult to cite an exact price average for the Doxie Pin.

That also keeps the price fairly low, however, and you should be able to find Doxie Pins for somewhere between $250 and $1,000 at most breeders.

How long do min pin dachshunds live?

Between 12 and 16 years on average.

Is a min pin a good family dog?

Overall – yes, very much so.

These dogs are incredibly affectionate and get overly attached to their owners incredibly easily.

If you plan on leaving your dog home alone for long or if you can’t give it the necessary training and socialization.

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