Dachshund Rash Under Armpit


We often ignore rashes on our skin cause we know what caused them or what to do if they escalate. Finding a rash on your dog can be concerning, however, as you usually have no idea why it’s there. 

My Dachshund Has A Rash Under The Armpit – What Does It Mean?

Dachshunds do have a skin condition or two that are unique to the breed. However, most of the time, a rash on your dachshund’s armpit won’t be anything too special compared to other breeds.

Dachshund Skin Diseases That Can Cause A Rash Under The Armpit

• Yeast Infection • Seasonal Allergies • Skin Allergies • Food Allergies • Chafing • Mange • Other Parasites

We’ve talked about Acanthosis Nigricans before. This condition is relatively unique to dachshunds and it causes a darkening of the skin. 

Can Acanthosis Nigricans Give A Dachshund Rash?

So, My Dachshund Has A Rash Under The Armpit – What To Do?

We’d recommend just going to the vet immediately, even if you have a likely theory as to what caused the rash.

How To Prevent A Dachshund From Developing A Rash Under The Armpit?

• Use flea and tick preventatives monthly • Avoid foods that may trigger your dog’s allergies • Get good canine bathing products

The dog’s fur often hides most small rashes and we only notice them once they’ve gotten out of hand. So, let’s go over the possible causes and concerns of a dachshund rash under the armpit.

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