Dachshund Training Tips 5 Techniques To Improve Behavior


For such small dogs, doxies are wilful when it comes to housebreaking and with a few dachshund training tips, 5 techniques will help mold their behavior.

Positive Reinforcement

Seal training is one example of where positive reinforcement is used with great success. 

House Train A Dachshund 

The most important training any dog needs is potty training, which requires a lot of patience and time. When a new dog is brought home it should be kept in one room to better supervise them. 

Learning to respond to their name is fairly important, especially for further training along the way. 

Teaching Your Dog Its Name

Socializing Your Dachshund

A very young puppy will not know much of the world. If it’s not fully vaccinated, leash walking in public is not yet possible.

Experience The World

Small as they are as puppies it will be easy to carry them outside and letting them smell and hear new things. Make your dog walk on different surfaces to get them accustomed to different textures.

Socialization With Other Dogs

Once it is time to start daily walks, your dachshund can meet other dogs. Familiarizing your dog with others is a crucial part of their development.

Rooting Out Behavioral Problems

Wanting to know how to discipline a dachshund is only natural when getting to know their nature. Trying to figure out how to discipline a dog without hitting is a no-brainer. 

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers on land and underneath, so digging is in their genes. 


Separation Anxiety

It’s important to get them accustomed to being alone as you won’t be able to spend every moment with them. 

Training your dachshund on your own is a teaching experience for both owner and pet. It can be a satisfying endeavor when everything comes together and results are seen.

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