Dachshund Training Tips 5 Techniques To Improve Behavior

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For such small dogs, doxies are wilful when it comes to housebreaking and with a few dachshund training tips, 5 techniques will help mold their behavior. What dachshunds lack in physical presence they make up for in attitude and personality. 

A loyal and energetic dog the dachshund likes to be around people, and it’s no wonder they’re so well-loved. These affectionate dogs are very easy to spoil and in doing so, shirk some of that training discipline. Doxies are a challenging breed to train but it’s not impossible, especially if their natural instincts and temperaments are better understood.

Positive Reinforcement

The best way to discipline a dog is by using positive reinforcements. This technique is used with all sorts of animals not just dogs. Seal training is one example of where positive reinforcement is used with great success. 

A stubborn dachshund, or any dog for that matter, responds very well when motivated by something they like or want. This can be food, toys, praise, or play, each of them a tool to teach your dog certain behaviors. 

House Train A Dachshund 

In the beginning, the most important training any dog needs is potty training, which requires a lot of patience and time. When a new dog is brought home it should be kept in one room to better supervise them. This will also be useful in training them to do their business outside. 

Ordinarily, dogs don’t go potty where they sleep and eat but small puppies have accidents. As soon as you see your dog trying to relieve themselves, take them outside. This signals to them that outside is the place to go. Each time they go outside, even a little bit, reward them with a treat. 

Don’t be angry when accidents do happen. It will take a few tries and weeks until your dog gets it. Just clean the area with a mixture of water and vinegar to mask the pee smell and go on with your day. Soon enough they will signal you to be taken outside. 

potty training your dachshund

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Teaching Your Dog Its Name

Learning to respond to their name is fairly important, especially for further training along the way. Pick a name with a sharp consonant at the end as that is what dogs regularly respond better to. Armed with these dachshund training tips 5 techniques your dog will learn to recognize their name. 

Do short training sessions only calling out the name and rewarding every time your dog responds in any way. This can be either looking at you or coming towards you. This exercise should be done in small increments daily so that the novelty of your dog’s name doesn’t wane. Calling out their name too often may cause your dog to ignore it. 

Once they do learn their name, praise and encouragement will go better when attached to the name. Dog’s live to please their owners and even it may not seem so in the beginning, your dachshund feels the same. 

Socializing Your Dachshund 

A very young puppy will not know much of the world. If it’s not fully vaccinated, leash walking in public is not yet possible. And still, getting your puppy to experience new things every day is a part of familiarizing them with the world.

Included in these dachshund training tips 5 techniques, socializing is one part of a well-behaved doxie. 

Experience The World

Small as they are as puppies it will be easy to carry them outside and letting them smell and hear new things. Make your dog walk on different surfaces to get them accustomed to different textures. This way you won’t have a dog that will not walk on wood or metal surfaces.

Socialization With Other Dogs

Once it is time to start daily walks, your dachshund can meet other dogs. Familiarizing your dog with others is a crucial part of their development. It’s for them to become more confident and easygoing while making friends. Dogs are social creatures after all, and they need interaction with their species.

It’s recommended that a puppy be fully vaccinated before getting to interact with other dogs. If you know other dog owners that had their pets vaccinated, it’s good to introduce them when yours is still a puppy. This way it’s a gradual introduction to other dog socialization. 

Rooting Out Behavioral Problems

Wanting to know how to discipline a dachshund is only natural when getting to know their nature. Trying to figure out how to discipline a dog without hitting is a no-brainer. 

Hitting a dog will only teach them to be afraid of you and they can develop aggressive behaviors. No amount of justification will make hitting your dog a good training choice, and will only make them miserable. That being said there are better ways of rooting out behavioral problems in dachshunds. 


Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers on land and underneath, so digging is in their genes. This, however, will not stop them from digging up your garden and destroying that nicely kept lawn. Each time your doxie displays this behavior, get them to stop by distracting them with toys, and play. 

Implementing some of these dachshund training tips 5 techniques will prove useful in tackling digging instincts in doxies. It will take more than a few tries but it will be worth it. 

Separation Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and doxies are no exception, as they get very attached to their owners. It’s important to get them accustomed to being alone as you won’t be able to spend every moment with them. Begin with leaving your dog alone for a few minutes and increase that time gradually. 

Leave plenty of chew toys or interactive toys, to keep them busy and stimulate their curiosity. When you return, they will understand that you will return and thus get used to the idea that you won’t be home all the time. 

Dachshund Training Tips 5 Techniques Closing Thoughts

Training your dachshund on your own is a teaching experience for both owner and pet. It can be a satisfying endeavor when everything comes together and results are seen. These dachshund training tips 5 techniques covers the basics of dog training. 

Many more in-depth methods prove highly useful, but for an average dog owner, these should be enough. In the end, training your dachshund will only serve to strengthen your relationship. You will be able to recognize your dog’s behavior and understand what they want from you. 

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