Daug – The Fascinating Wiener Dog and Pug Mix


The Daug dog is a charming wiener dog and pug mix that’s a very recent discovery but has quickly started gaining popularity among designer dog fans in the US.

What Does a Daug Look Like?

Pugs and dachshunds are similar in some ways and different in many others. As a result, the exact look of a wiener dog and pug mix will depend on which parent the pup takes more from.

Is The Personality of A Dachshund Pug Mix Problematic?

Judging the personality of a mixed designer breed is always a challenge and the Pugsund is no exception. Both pugs and dachshunds are very strong-willed dogs too.

As neither the dachshund nor the pug requires too much exercise, the same goes for the Daug. Two daily walks of moderate length (~30 minutes each) are usually enough time for these little guys.

How Much Exercise Does A Pug Mixed with Wiener-Dog Need?

Wiener-Dog and Pug Mix Health Breakdown

The wiener dog and pug mix can inherit certain health issues from either parent. Or, it can have no harmful genetic predispositions at all. That’s why it’s important to always see the pup’s parents ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to get health certificates for both them and the pup.

Is The Daug The Right Dog for You? The wiener dog and pug mix is ideal for one-pet households. It’s great for apartments and for people who prefer to spend a lot of time at home. If you want to have other pets, however, you’re going to have to go through extensive socialization and training.

If you’re often at home, however, and you want a small and snuggly canine to keep you company, the Daug is an excellent choice.

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