Do Long Haired Dachshunds Need Haircuts?

Dachshunds with long hair are the most high-maintenance and so there are many haircuts for long-haired dachshunds to choose from.

Do long haired dachshunds need haircuts?

Generally, dachshunds don’t need haircuts, but there are circumstances where a haircut may be necessary.

Preference plays a big part in grooming practices and this is especially true with breeds like the dachshund.

How do you cut a long haired dachshund?

When trying to cut a dachshund’s hair at home, brushing the coat is the first step.

Then divide the hair into smaller sections with hair clips before beginning to trim.

Using a scissor is the best option to cut longer hair into shapes, but a clipper may be needed for shorter cuts.

How often do long haired dachshunds need to be groomed?

Depending on how the coat is to be kept.

The upkeep of grooming a long haired dachshund needs patience and attention.

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