Easy Haircuts For Long Haired Dachshunds


Dachshunds with long hair are the most high-maintenance and so there are many haircuts for long-haired dachshunds to choose from, for the perfect trim.

Basic Long-haired Dachshund Grooming Needs

Brushing a dachshund’s long coat is one of the most basic grooming requirements, particularly to avoid matting the fur.

Trimming A Dachshund’s Coat 

Haircuts for long-haired dachshunds vary according to preference and sometimes according to context.

Trimming around the undercarriage and the ears is one while combing and trimming paw pads is another.

The natural look

The puppy cut look

A puppy cut effectively makes the high-maintenance grooming of a long haired dachshund much more manageable. This cut is short enough to not need as much brushing but long enough for protection. 

The best in show look

The hair of the head and neck get thinned out and trimmed into a specific shape. 

The upkeep of grooming a long haired dachshund needs patience and attention. With a little bit of effort and care, the beautiful hair of a long haired doxie can complement their personalities. 

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