How Can Dogs Have Green Eyes – Amazing Traits

When deciding to get a dog, people look for breed traits they like, eye color is among them and green eyes are the rarest but can a dog have green eyes?

How Rare Are Green Eyes In Dogs

The most widespread eye color in dogs is brown, with many different shade variations.

How Can Dogs Have Green Eyes?

Genetics plays the most important role in determining every aspect of physical appearance and so genetic mutations determine eye color.

The little sausage dog or dachshund is one breed that exhibits the merle gene in both eye color and coat discoloration. 

Dog Breeds With Green Eyes and Merle Gene

Puppies With Green Eyes

All puppies are born with blue eyes due to the eye pigment melanin which is not fully developed yet. 

Health Risks For Dogs With Green Eyes

As appealing as dogs with green eyes look, there may be some health issues involved with it. Some eye conditions are associated with the lighter shade of green, like colobomas, which is when the iris doesn’t develop entirely.

Having a dog with distinctive green eyes is a beautiful addition to an already cute and loyal companion.

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