How Many Puppies Can A Dachshund Have And What Else You Need To Know

You may be wondering how many puppies can a dachshund have and what else you need to know.

How Many Puppies Can A Dachshund Have?

On average, a dachshund will have somewhere between 3 and 6 puppies per litter, with 4-5 being the most common amount. 1-2-pup litters are also possible as are the extra-large 7-8-pup litters. 

Is This More Or Less Compared To Other Breeds?

Whereas the average for a standard Doxie is around 4-5 puppies per litter, for a miniature dachshund it’s closer to 3-4.

If the average for a dachshund is 4-5 pups per litter, the standard for a first litter is more like 1-4. 

How Many Puppies Are Usually In A First Litter?

Is It A Problem If Your Dachshund Only Has One Puppy?

Usually – no, it’s not a problem. Especially if your dachshund is especially young, having just one pup is not all that uncommon. 

How Old Does A Dachshund Need To Be To Become Pregnant?

A female Doxie can get pregnant as soon as she gets her first heat cycle which is usually around her 6th month.

Your Doxie’s first pregnancy should result in 3 or 4 puppies, possibly just 1 or 2. The first thing to do when you realize your pup is pregnant is to call your vet.

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