How To Check If Your Dog Has A Sense Of Smell?

Dogs are fantastic in many ways, but one of the main ones resides in their noses.

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Really That Strong?

Yes, it definitely is. Dachshunds are a scent hound breed through and through.

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Stronger Than That Of Most Other Breeds?

It’s a fair assumption that the dachshund sense of smell is stronger than that of any other breed that isn’t a scent hound breed too.

Why Aren’t Dachshunds Used At Airports and Borders If The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Is So Powerful?

Because they aren’t the easiest breed to train out there. 

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell An Intentional Part Of Their Breeding?

It very much is, yes.

What Does This Powerful Nose Mean For Your Life With A Dachshund?

Well, it first and foremost means that your dog will listen to its nose way more than it listens to you.

It also means that leashing your dachshund when going to the dog park is a must lest you lose your dog in the brush.

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