How To Clean Dachshund Ears And Why That’s So Important

Ear maintenance is one thing you probably didn’t expect to have to do as a dog owner. So, to help you out, here’s how to clean dachshund ears and why that’s so important.

How To Clean Dachshund Ears?

Fortunately, ear maintenance really isn’t all that complicated. Ideally, you’ll just check your dog’s ears once a week and clean them when they seem dirty.

Why Knowing How To Clean Dachshund Ears Is So Important?

Dachshund ears problems are not the main thing people talk about in terms of Doxies’ health, but it also isn’t something you should underestimate.

At best, treatment will include a medicated ear cleanser, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medication. At worst, the ear canal may have to be removed via a TECA surgery

How Are Ear Infections And Other Problems Treated?

What About Dachshund Dry Ear Tips?

One more peculiar ear condition dachshunds can experience called Ear Margin Hyperkeratosis. It isn’t unique to dachshunds and can be easily identified by the crusty lesions on the edges and the outsides of your dog’s ears.

Other Helpful Tips For How To Clean Dachshund Ears

The most important tip, other than inspecting your dog’s ears for issues at least once a week is to start doing so early.

All in all, knowing how to clean dachshund ears is as easy as it’s important. This really is one of the easier grooming chores you’ll need to do, and it isn’t all that unpleasant either.

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