How To Measure Mini Dachshund Neck Size For Collars

Dachshunds are a breed with very peculiar body proportions.

What size collar does a mini dachshund need?

That’s because their necks are usually somewhere between 8 and 13 inches thick (20 to 34 cm).

How big is a miniature dachshund puppy neck?

The neck size of most adult miniature dachshunds is around 8 to 13 inches thick (20 to 34 cm). 

With this neck size, most mini Doxies fall in the XS range for collars, harnesses, clothes, and so on.

How thick is a dachshunds neck?

Standard dachshunds are a medium-sized breed and are considerably larger than miniature dachshunds.

How do you measure a neck collar?

Measuring your dog’s neck for a collar or the collar itself is quite easy – all you need is a tape measure.

All you need to do is put the tape measure around your dog’s neck where the collar would naturally fit.

The 8 to 13-inch range typically puts mini dachshunds in the extra small or XS neck size range.

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