Intresting Facts About  EE Red Long Haired Dachshund

You may have heard about some types of red Doxies more often than others. For example, what is an EE red long haired dachshund? 

What Is An EE Red Long Haired Dachshund?

Seeing a red dachshund puppy is hardly a surprise – red is the most common color for dachshunds, after all!

Shaded Red Or Sable – Which One Is Your Dog?

It refers to both sable and shaded dachshunds. And, yes, these are two different coat types.

Are Sable EE Red Long Haired Dachshund Dogs More Valuable Than Shaded Red Dachshunds?

Breeders, experts, and many dachshund aficionados prefer sable dachshunds both for their looks as well as for the fact that they are rarer

This also drives up the sable dogs’ price by at least a few hundred dollars on average compared to the price of shaded red Doxies.

This difference can seem insignificant and is indeed sometimes difficult to distinguish, especially from afar.

Shaded EE red long-haired dachshunds have black hairs in their coats growing alongside their red hair and giving the coal its pretty shaded look.

Aside from one coat color being rarer than the other, however, there isn’t any other significant difference between the two. 

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