Introducing 200 Good Names For Dachshunds

Selecting a name for a new dog is something many of us struggle with and some good names for dachshunds are easy to find with a little consideration.

Specifics Of Dog Naming Conventions

The best thing to keep in mind when choosing a dog name is size. It may sound funny to use a full name and surname for your dog, but they won’t understand it.

Sounds That Make Good Names For Dachshunds

A name that is on the simpler side will make it much easier for your dog to understand it. Usually, good names for dachshunds, or any dog, are ones that start with consonants and end with vowels. 

The dachshund breed has its origins in Germany, where it was bred as a badger hunter. The name “dachshund” in german stems from the words for dog and badger, effectively making it “badger dog”

German Names With Double Meaning

Boy dachshund names with Germanic origin

Dieter – the people’s ruler Harbin – little shining fighter Meyer – bringer of light Zelig – blessed one Rowland – famous in the land Imre – great king Gunther – warrior Alger – noble, bright

Female dachshund names with Germanic origin

Dagmar – famous, glorious Heidi (Diminutive for Adelheid) – noble and serene Leona – brave as a lioness Nadja – hope Zenzi – to spring up, grow, thrive Petra – solid as a rock Winifred – peaceful friend

Names mean so much to us, and even if our dogs don’t relate the same, it brings us closer. The way in which we call their name can still result in positive reactions from our pets.

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