Introducing A Second Dachshund – 6 Crucial Tips

Dachshunds can be very affectionate pets, to the point of easily getting jealous of other dogs. So, here’s some info on introducing a second dachshund – 6 crucial tips.

Introducing A Second Dachshund To Your Pet – What’s The Secret?

The process of bringing a second dog home is simple but it should be followed carefully. In a way, introducing a second dachshund it’s not dissimilar to introducing two cats to each other.

First, before you even pick a second dog, it’s vital that you socialize your first dog well. This means getting your dog used to meeting and interacting with other people, dogs, and animals frequently, as well as both outside and at home.

Once you’ve got a well-socialized dachshund, it’s time for the first meet-up. This should be done outside, at a fun, familiar, and safe location like the dog park.

Next, when you bring the second dog home, make sure your first pooch isn’t around. It can either be on a long walk/hike outside or in a separate part of your home. 

Keep the two dogs separated for a while – from several hours to a day or so – until your first dog gets familiar with its new home. It’s ok for the two dogs to sniff each other through the door that divides them and to communicate. 

The keyword here, as with any other breed, is socialization. If you’re ever planning to get a second dog or if you just want your Doxie to be well-behaved around others, it’s important to socialize it with people, dogs, and other animals from an early age.

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