Irish Cream Long Haired Dachshund

Irish Cream long haired dachshund – what exactly is this unique type of dog? Is it just the Irish version of the famous English Clean Cream or is this a different coat type altogether? 

What Is An Irish Cream Long Haired Dachshund?

The Irish Cream long-haired dachshund can be seen as a variation of English Cream dachshunds. Both are long-haired, of course, however, the coloring of the Irish Cream has one tiny difference – a white belly.

But What Exactly Is A “Cream Dachshund” Anyway?

A Cream dachshund, whether English, Irish, or shaded, is a dachshund that carries a dilute gene that turns the red coat color into cream.

Yes and no. Dapple dachshunds are dogs with the dapple or merle gene which quite simply results in having white or white-ish speckles or blotches all over the body. 

How About Silver Dapple Irish Cream Long Haired Dachshunds?

Are Irish Cream long haired Dachshund Dogs Expensive and Should You Get One?

This puts it well above the standard $400 to $1,100 price range of standard dachshunds.

Irish Creams even more fascinating than English Creams. This is a matter of opinion, of course – most breeders and experts hold the English Clean Cream as the gold standard for this type of coat.

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