Is Your Dachshund Barking At Strangers?

Dachshunds come with a great deal of pluses but there are a few things to watch out for as well. Specifically, they have the same barking tendency as other hound breeds.

Your Dachshund Is Barking At Strangers and You Can’t Figure Out Why

because dachshunds are raised and bred to be quite “communicative”. They are a scent hound breed so their primary function has always been to hunt. 

Does This Mean That Dachshunds Are Good Watchdogs?

Yes. Due to their size, they are far from the best guard dogs but they can make excellent watchdogs. 

1. Larger breeds as they can be potentially dangerous if they aren’t taught to trust strangers 2. All breeds with barking, watchdog, or guard dog tendencies

How To Stop Dachshund From Barking At Strangers?

What Does Said Socialization Mean, However?

It involves getting your pup used to meeting and interacting with strangers and with other animals. 

Do Dachshunds Have “Small Dog Syndrome”?

Often called Napoleon Complex or Small dog syndrome, this is a behavior a lot of people associate with the smaller dog breeds. 

Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much Even When They’re Alone?

• Boredom • Separation anxiety • Not enough exercise • Lack of attention

How To Prevent Your Dachshund From Barking At Home?

• Work from home • Make sure there are always family members home even when you’re out • Hire a dog walker or a dog sitter • Take your dog with you

Instead of chasing down the prey at high speed and falling it themselves, scent hounds hunt by tracking the scent of the prey.

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