Learn about the 9 health problems Mini dachshunds are prone to


So, here are the 9 main miniature dachshund health issues you should know about. 

Do mini Dachshunds have health problems?

Like any other dog breed, miniature dachshunds are not immune to diseases and other health issues.

What health issues do Dachshunds have?

Obesity, cancer, heart failure, cataracts, glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and others.

Do Dachshunds get sick easily?

Depends on what type of “sickness” you’re talking about. Doxies are predisposed to back and skin problems more so than other breeds.

How do I keep my mini Dachshund healthy?

The same principles of doggy health care that apply to other breeds are important for mini dachshunds too.

If you want to avoid miniature dachshunds because of their health risks you might as well avoid all other dog breeds too.

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