Learn These Facts About Coat Shedding In Wire Haired Dachshunds


If you’re looking for a terrier-like tiny Doxie, here’s what you should know about the wirehaired mini dachshund.

Do wirehaired Dachshunds shed?

Many people expect all wirehaired dog breeds to be single-coated and not shed much or at all.

Are wirehaired Dachshunds rare?

Wirehaired dachshunds are the less common of the three dachshund coat types, the other two being shorthaired and longhaired dachshunds. 

What does a wirehaired Dachshund look like?

This is no accident – this coat-type sub-breed was made precisely by mixing shorthaired dachshunds with terriers centuries ago.

Are wirehaired dachshunds good pets?

All in all, the wirehaired dachs is a great pet as are other dachshund dogs.

So, just make sure that you pick a healthy puppy from the shelter or a reputable breeder, and go for it.

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