Mini Dachshund Chest Size, Harnesses, Health Issues, And More

Figuring out how wide your dachshund’s chest is can give you insight into what type of harness you should get, how big your Doxies’ clothes need to be.

What’s The Average Mini Dachshund Chest Size?

Most of the time, the miniature dachshund’s chest size you can expect will be between 11 and 15 inches (27 to 38 cm). 

Why Is My Mini Dachshund Chest Size Too Wide?

• Bloating (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus) • Lymphoma • Chest wall or pulmonary tumors • Pancreatitis • Parasitic infections

With a chest size of 11 and 15 inches (27 to 38 cm), most miniature dachshunds fall in the Size 1 category of most harness brands such as Pugalier of London. 

Mini Dachshund Chest Size and Harnesses

Mini Dachshund Chest Size and Clothes

Miniature dachshunds need clothes as much as any other small breed, especially in the winter. 

Miniature dachshunds are not “barrel-chested” by any means but they do have wider chests than other miniature breeds. 

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