Oh No ! Find Out If Your Long Haired Dachshund Is Overweight


A fat long-haired dachshund, in particular, is very common compared to other Doxies.

How Does A Fat Long-haired Dachshund Look?

There are two very simple methods – with your scales or by the touch.

How To Use Scales To See If Your Dog Is Overweight?

First, measure yourself Then, pick up your dog and measure your combined weight

How To Spot A Fat Long Haired Dachshund Without Scales?

With a long-haired dachshund, this test can be tricky as the hair will be an obstruction.

Why Having A Fat Long Haired Dachshund Shouldn’t Be Ignored?

Fat sausages are incredibly adorable but they also inevitably start developing myriad different health issues as they grow. 

The biggest example is Intervertebral Disc Disorder (IVDD) – the back problems that a minimum of 10% of dachshunds experience when they get older.

And then, there are all the other issues you’d expect from any overweight dog such as heart problems, diabetes, and more.

The first thing is to go for a quick and routine vet visit.

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