Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix – The Amazing Dameranian


If you’re looking for a small, loyal, lively, and social pup to keep you company, take a look at the pomeranian weenie dog mix – the amazing Dameranian! 

Personality Traits Of The Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix

One of the best things about the pomeranian weenie dog mix is its great personality. Granted, it can vary between more pronounced dachshund or pomeranian traits. In either case, however, the end result is fantastic.

Pomeranian Dachshund Exercise Needs

If you’re not an outdoorsy type of person, the dachshund pomeranian mix can be a great fit for you. Like both its parent breeds, the Dameranian doesn’t require a great deal of outdoor exercise.

The Dameranian crossbreed isn’t too unhealthy compared to other dogs but there are a few conditions you should watch out for...

Health Basics Of The Dachshund Pomeranian Mix

Physical Characteristics Of The Pomeranian Weenie Dog Mix

This breed is definitely on the small side – it varies between 8 and 25 pounds (3.5 to 11 kg) weight and 5 to 11 inches (13 to 28 cm) height. These ranges are pretty wide because they depend on which parent your pup is taking more from.

The Pros and Cons Of Pomeranian Dachshund Mix Puppies

Pros: – Lively and playful breed – Great with kids and ok with other pets – Good for apartment living Cons: – Separation anxiety is a big problem – Can get overweight with insufficient exercise – Can have dog aggression if it looks like its dachs parent (and doesn’t have enough socialization

The Dameranian cross is an excellent family pet for people who live in apartment buildings. With a bit of training and socialization, this dog can be excellent with kids and other pets too.

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