Popular Nicknames For Dachshunds Breed


Dachshunds have various other nicknames like a hot dog or Weiner dog, even dotson dog but what is the difference between dachshund and dotson?

Is a Dotson a dachshund?

Dachshunds come in two sizes, one smaller called a mini and one in a regular size called standard.

An even smaller type of doxie gets a cute nickname to boot and it perfectly complements the sweet small appearance.

The tweenie is a toy version of the doxie, and only adds to the list of names this breed collects.

What is a dotson dog?

A dotson dog is simply a dachshund dog, but they have this additional name, not very commonly used, in general, to refer to doxies.

Pronouncing the name dachshund usually sounds like docson, and this very pronunciation is what gave rise to dotson.

Their size and goofy appearance might fool you into thinking it’s only a lap dog. 

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