Difference Between Dachshund and Dotson

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Dachshunds have various other nicknames like a hot dog or Weiner dog, even dotson dog but what is the difference between dachshund and dotson? The dachshund breed has different sizes, the smallest called tweenie, which illustrates how popular nicknaming is with this breed. 

Before getting a dachshund, one may wonder what is a dotson dog, as it comes up alongside the doxie name. The truth is that questioning is a Dotson a dachshund, will offer a simple answer of yes. There is no dotson vs dachshund as both names denote the same breed of dog. 

Difference Between Dachshund and Dotson

The dachshund is a German breed of dog that was mainly used for hunting badgers. Coincidentally, that is how they got their breed name in the first place, as the German words for badger and hound. As far as differences between dachshund and dotson, the way in which the name is pronounced is how this originated. 

The word ‘dachshund’ is phonetically pronounced ‘docsun’, and this leads it to be misspelled as dotson. This name change doesn’t denote a separate branch of the breed but it’s simply an incorrect form of its name. 

That being said, however, popular use of the unofficial dotson name has seeped into people’s vocabulary, and many use it. Although not the correct spelling, it still denotes the same loveable dachshund breed. 

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Dachshunds Breed Basic Physical Features

This breed is one of the most easily recognizable around the world with its breed features like its extended body. As an official AKC breed, the dachshund is a small dog breed and has two size versions. These two size variations are called a standard and a mini. 

A standard dachshund would have a height of 8 or 9 inches, weighing around 16 to 32 pounds. On the opposite spectrum, mini doxies weigh up to 11 pounds and measure between 5 to 6 inches. Both have a lifespan of about 12 to 16 years, are not hypoallergenic, and have their origin in Germany. 

Both have short legs, comparative with their body length, and long floppy ears. The dachshund also displays 3 types of coat textures. These can be short with smooth or wiry texture, or long and flowing. 

Dachshund coat texture is not the only noticeable feature of their fur as color play an important part as well. Multiple coat colors can be seen on a dachshund like chocolate, fawn, tan, black, and even piebald, brindle, and sable. 

Dachshunds Breed Basic Physical Features

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Dachshund Personality and Temperament

Trying to glean the difference between dachshund and dotson, come down only to naming conventions, but there are individual personality differences. Dachshunds are generally very clever and devoted pets, and their hunting backgrounds complement certain personality traits. 

Dachshunds will have very strong prey drives, and follow their nose in the direction of prey if they feel one. This would mean dachshunds can become easily distracted by smells or noises and possibly ignore their owner’s commands. Behavioral aspects like these can indicate that dachshunds can be stubborn sometimes. 

The bark of this breed might surprise new owners as they have a powerful bark in comparison with their appearance. Courage is another aspect of their personality that manifests quite extensively within their behaviors, and a dachshund will hold its ground. 

In this sense, a dachshund can be a very effective watchdog as it can sound like a larger dog. On the other hand, doxies are also very loving and caring pets and will get in tune with their owners. Their small frames and sweet nature means they quickly turn into lapdogs or lounge on the couch. 

Other Monikers For Dachshunds

Throughout their history doxies have seen a fair amount of breeding control from humans. As such, we have the two size variations commonly referred to as a standard and a mini. The smallest official version of the dachshund is the mini, but there is even a smaller one than this. 

What we may fondly refer to as a tweenie dachshund is essentially a toy version of the breed. The smaller variations were bred to hunt smaller prey, and breeding them to be smaller, injects features from other dogs. 

Apart from dachshund size comparison, various nicknames and monikers have been used to refer to this breed. From the most famous hot dogs, accurately describing their shape and long backs, to weiner dogs, and doxie for short.

Dostson is but one of these names the dachshund has collected over the years. Dostson is in fact a Welsh surname, hailing from the Cheshire area. With a Germanic root that could be translated into short round man, some could still say it’s another german nickname.  

Difference Between Dachshund and Dotson – Conclusion

Dachshunds as a whole are a very energetic breed of dog. Their size and goofy appearance might fool you into thinking it’s only a lap dog. But with a rich history as a hunting dog and different size variations to accommodate smaller prey, doxies are much more. 

It’s evident how popular they are from the many nicknames people have assigned to them over the years. So much so that it can even cause confusion and make one search for what the difference between dachshund and dotson is. 


Is a Dotson a dachshund?

Dachshunds come in two sizes, one smaller called a mini and one in a regular size called standard. An even smaller type of doxie gets a cute nickname to boot and it perfectly complements the sweet small appearance.
The tweenie is a toy version of the doxie, and only adds to the list of names this breed collects. As far as names go, there is also the dotson name, which is used to refer to dachshunds.

What is a dotson dog?

A dotson dog is simply a dachshund dog, but they have this additional name, not very commonly used, in general, to refer to doxies. Pronouncing the name dachshund usually sounds like docson, and this very pronunciation is what gave rise to dotson.
This version of the name is most likely a misspelling of the name dachshund. But there is also the possibility that dotson could be a Welsh surname that has a german root, meaning a short round man.