Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Distinctions And Similarities


The dachshund is a favorite with dog owners and consequently smaller variations emerged, so picking a dachshund might come down to rabbit dachshund vs mini.

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Origins

The smaller versions of mini and rabbit are best for hunting smaller vermin like wild mice and rabbits.

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Size Difference

A miniature dachshund thus should have between 12.5 and 14.5 inches for male dogs and 11.8 to 13.8 for female dogs. Comparatively rabbit dachshunds should have 10.6 – 12.5 inches for males, and 9.8 – 11.8 inches for females. 

Both miniature dachshund and rabbit dachshund have three distinct coat types. Wire-haired Doxies have a thick coat with coarse and wiry outer edges.

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini Coat And Coloration

How Did The Rabbit Dachshund Come To Be?

Even though initially standard dachshunds were bred to be hunters, mainly of badgers, the smaller game was harder to catch.

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Temperament

This could mean they make excellent watchdogs and defend their territory fiercely. In doing so, the barking will enunciate how vocal a dachshund can get.

The lively rabbit dachshund is quite a charming breed and the playful, curious personality complements their small frame. Their small bodies do not mean they don’t need exercise and playtime.

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