Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Distinctions And Similarities

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The dachshund is a favorite with dog owners and consequently smaller variations emerged, so picking a dachshund might come down to rabbit dachshund vs mini. The most recognizable types of dachshunds are the standard and the miniature, but there are, obviously exceptions. So what is a Dachshund rabbit?

The rabbit dachshund is a far smaller dog with just as many apparent dachshund features. Officially, neither the AKC nor any UK clubs recognize the rabbit dachshund as official, although 83 other countries do. Among the Federation Cynologique Internationale, the rabbit dachshund is just as sanctioned as the other two varying dachshund sizes. 

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Origins

The dachshund is a hunting breed, first used in Germany as a badger hunter from which it gets its name. Dachshund is a name derived from the German words for badger and hound, to denote what it was bred for. 

The smaller versions of mini and rabbit are best for hunting smaller vermin like wild mice and rabbits. All dachshund types have the same distinctive long bodies, the better to borrow in tight spaces after prey. The tenacious and courageous personality is one feature encountered throughout the breed. 

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Size Difference

miniature dachshund

As the name suggests, a rabbit dachshund is smaller, but what size is a rabbit Dachshund? As opposed to how the AKC regards official breeds, the FCI breed standard doesn’t take height into consideration. Alternatively, the FCI distinguishes between the chest size of a rabbit and a mini dachshund at the age of 15 months. 

Measurements are taken from the top of the withers to the lowest part of the chest. A miniature dachshund thus should have between 12.5 and 14.5 inches for male dogs and 11.8 to 13.8 for female dogs. Comparatively rabbit dachshunds should have 10.6 – 12.5 inches for males, and 9.8 – 11.8 inches for females. 

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini Coat And Coloration

Both miniature dachshund and rabbit dachshund have three distinct coat types. Wire-haired Doxies have a thick coat with coarse and wiry outer edges. This type of hair also has an undercoat and comes with thick eyebrows and a beard.

A smooth-haired variety of dachshunds’ hair displays a short, compact, and shiny fur. The hair can be a little longer on the belly. The most luxurious hair type is the long-haired variety which has a sleek appearance. Longer hair is usually wavy but it shouldn’t be curly. At the ears, belly, and chest, the hair grows longer. There shouldn’t be a part in the hair on the back. 

As for coat coloration, the rabbit dachshund displays much the same colors as the standard and mini. These colors include chocolate, red, cream, blue, isabella or fawn, black and tan. 

How Did The Rabbit Dachshund Come To Be?

Even though initially standard dachshunds were bred to be hunters, mainly of badgers, the smaller game was harder to catch. Especially since these dogs had to borrow in after their prey which could be way smaller than the dog. In these cases the smaller the dog the greater the hunter would be. 

Originally, hunters would pick the smallest dachshund pups from a litter for this, but it wasn’t efficient enough. As a solution, crossbreeding was the next solution. The standard dachshund was crossed with toy terriers and pinchers, resulting in the mini dachshund. 

These miniature dachshunds, however, are lacking in the necessary hunting qualities that the original standard type had. To adjust this, breeders took up the far slower process of selective breeding. In the end, they achieved a good hunting dachshund of smaller stature. 

This selective breeding set out a goal to make smaller dachshunds with each generation. Thus rabbit dachshunds came to be, which they are also referred to as toy dachshunds. Even if many kennels clubs don’t recognize them as official, the designer aspect of the rabbit dachshunds still appeals. 

Rabbit Dachshund vs Mini – Temperament

When it comes to dachshunds in general, don’t let their size fool you. They may be small, the rabbit version most notably, but they have very brave and independent personalities. The confrontational aspects of a dachshund’s temperament come from the hunting background, as they are bred to leap at prey. 

This could mean they make excellent watchdogs and defend their territory fiercely. In doing so, the barking will enunciate how vocal a dachshund can get. Pairing a small dog with hunting tendencies and other small pets like hamsters and guinea pigs should be done cautiously. 

These smaller animals are what they were bred to hunt after all. There is also the tendency to dig, which is very common for a dog that was to go after prey underground. Expect to find holes if you leave a rabbit dachshund in the yard unsupervised.


rabbit dachshund

The lively rabbit dachshund is quite a charming breed and the playful, curious personality complements their small frame. Their small bodies do not mean they don’t need exercise and playtime. As hunting dogs, they can be very energetic and have pray dives, which needs to be controlled with regular exercise. 


What is a Dachshund rabbit?

Dachshund is a small breed in general but it also comes in smaller sizes. The standard size is the base one, which is accompanied by a miniature version. The toy variety also referred to as a rabbit dachshund, is the smallest kind of dachshund.
Selective breeding is how, ultimately, the rabbit dachshund was bred. Size is what makes a rabbit dachshund different from miniature or standard versions, which, as a third group of the dachshund, is not recognized by many kennel clubs.

What size is a rabbit Dachshund?

Neither the AKC nor any UK kennel clubs recognize the rabbit dachshund as an official breed variation. The Federation Cynologique Internationale is the only one that officially acknowledges the rabbit dachshund, and they take different measurements.
The AKC and club in the UK usually impose traits measurements based on height, but the FCI measures the chest size of a rabbit dachshund after the age of 15 months. Thus the size of a rabbit dachshund is taken from the top of the withers to the lowest part of their chest. Male dogs should have 10.6 - 12.5 inches while females should have 9.8 - 11.8 inches