The Incredible Dachshund Sense Of Smell And What It Means For Your Pet

Do dachshunds have a stronger sense of smell? Does that make them good for sniffing out stuff? If so, why aren’t they used at airports like other breeds?

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Really That Strong?

Yes, it definitely is. Dachshunds are a scent hound breed through and through. This means that their sense of smell is just as powerful as that of Bloodhounds, Basset hounds, and other similar breeds. 

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Stronger Than That Of Most Other Breeds?

These things are generally difficult to calculate as all dogs have pretty strong noses. But scent hounds are generally considered to have the best noses in the business, hence the name of this group of breeds.

They aren’t “untrainable” by any means and a good deal of obedience training can turn them into great, loyal, and obedient family pets. 

Why Aren’t Dachshunds Used At Airports and Borders If The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Is So Powerful?

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell An Intentional Part Of Their Breeding?

It very much is, yes. That’s the case for all scent hound breeds. 

What Does This Powerful Nose Mean For Your Life With A Dachshund?

Again, this is true for all scent hounds – as soon as they smell something funny, interesting, or delicious, their long ears will suddenly stop “working” and your dog will spring into tracking mode.

These dogs were purposefully bred to be quite stubborn precisely in order to ignore all distractions once they catch the badger’s sense on the ground.

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