The Most Beautiful Green-eyed Dog Names

Bringing a dog home is only the first step in becoming a dog parent, next comes choosing a name that suits them well and green-eyed dog names can do just that.

Names For Green Eyes and Breed-specific

There are a few key features to help choose a dog’s name other than the color of their eyes. Admittedly, green eyes are very rare and some consideration into green-eyed dog names is understandable. 

Green-eyed Dog Names For Huskies

Huskies are most like wolves than any other breed, both in looks and howling tendencies. And so a very good name for a husky is Wolf, or Loup which in French means wolf. 

Kiwi would work brilliantly for a dachshund. Kiwi works great as a green-eyed dog name as it denotes the green of the fruit with the sweetness of the dog’s demeanor. 

Green-eyed Dog Names For Dachshund

Green-eyed Dog Names For Welsh Corgi

Pistachio is a cute name that would fit a Welsh Corgi, and make note of their green eyes as well.

Nature Related Green-eyed Dog Names

Hazel and fern are also some imaginative plant-based words, denoting the color green. 

Names That Mean Beautiful Eyes

Sunaina is a female Hindu name with Sanskrit origins that means beautiful eyes. 

Dog Names Inspired By Green Gemstones

Jade is another green mineral used in jewelry, that sounds really elegant as a name. 

This variation looks fairly magical, and so a name that reflects just that can be used to heighten the effect. 

Name For Dogs With Bi-colored Eyes

Combining the green color of their eyes with personality, breed, or gender can offer a slew of creative possibilities. Emphasizing these features only makes the name chosen that much more special.

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