Trouble Finding The Size Clothes For A Dachshund To Wear?

Dog clothes are both fun and necessary. However, they are also expensive.

How To Make Dachshund Clothes?

It’s all in realizing that dachshund clothes are basically just long tubes of fabric with holes cut into them.

1. Give Old Baby Clothes A New Life

Baby clothes are essentially dachshund clothes if the size matches. 

2. Repurpose Those Sweater Sleeves

Again, just make sure the width fits.

3. How To Modify T-shirt To Fit Dog?

Modifying a t-shirt for a dog is almost as simple as using baby clothes.

4. Start With A Flat Piece Of Fabric

The most “complex” method is to get a new (or old) flat piece of fabric and sew it into a tube of the appropriate width.

From there, tighten the neck with an extra cut and seam. The last step is the familiar one – cut holes for the legs.

Even if you have zero sewing skills, all you actually need is a pair of scissors and some hot glue. 

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