What Do Dachshunds Hunt – Amazing Hunting Past


Dachshunds are a breed designed for hunting, and thinking about this we may question what do dachshunds hunt, as hunting dogs are usually bred for specific prey.

A Dachshund’s Hunting Efficiency

 A dachshund’s body is particularly bred to hunt low to the ground and for borrowing animals. 

Physical Traits That Make Doxies Good Hunters

A doxies claws in combination with the webbing of the feet make them great diggers. A powerful bark was perfect for the doxie to make its presence known to its owners while hunting. 

 Its original german name primarily translates to badger hunter, which is true, the doxie was initially intended to hunt badgers. 

What Do Dachshunds Hunt?

Small Prey For Dachshunds

Badgers are not very big but in comparison with the doxies, they look a lot bigger.

Bird Hunting Doxies

What was more interesting with dachshunds was that they also hunted in teams with falcons or hawks. 

Hunting Instincts For A Dachshund In The Modern-day

Hunting with animals is not so much of a necessity now, and dachshunds still have their prey drives. 

The dachshund breed has been around for a long time as a hunting dog. The prey it was initially bred for, was diversified in that long history of the doxie hunting period. 

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