What Exactly Is A Wirehaired Mini Dachshund?


If you’re looking for a terrier-like tiny Doxie, here’s what you should know about the wirehaired mini dachshund. 

What Exactly Is A Wirehaired Mini Dachshund?

One of the three main coat types of dachshunds together with shorthaired (also called smooth-haired) and longhaired dachshunds

Did It?

Not really – wirehaired dachshunds today are regarded as excellent scent hounds but not necessarily better or worse at the job than shorthaired or longhaired dachshunds.

A wirehaired mini dachshund isn’t supposed to have any extra health issues compared to standard dachshunds or those with other coat types.

Do These Dogs Have Any Extra Health Or Grooming Needs?

If you want to then, yes, absolutely. There’s literally no drawback to this sub-breed compared to other dachshunds and wirehaired Doxies do look categorically adorable. 

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