What Is A Wild Boar Colored Dachshund?


Wild Boar wire haired dachshunds are one of the rarest and most beautiful coat types out there.

What color is the wild boar Dachshund?

The Wild Boar coat type is almost exclusively found in wire-haired dachshunds and includes a mixture of colors.

What is a wild boar wire-haired Dachshund?

Any wire-haired dachshund that has hair that changes color as it grows can be seen as a “Wild Boar”. 

This unique coat pattern can include various color hues but has tan and grey hairs at the base growing into black and brown hairs near the tips.

Are wild boar Dachshunds rare?

This unique coat pattern is quite rare for dachshunds.

Most experts and kennel clubs list the Wild Boar Doxie as one of the Top 10 rarest coat patterns.

What does a Wild Boar Dachshund look like?

The feet and muzzle will typically be entirely light while the tail is uniformly black.

This unique shading, together with the wire-haired dachshund’s signature terrier-like “beard” around the muzzle.

This shading effect is quite gorgeous on any dog but looks especially good on a Wild Boar.

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