What Is Exactly EE Cream In Dachshunds?


EE cream long haired dachshund dogs are a fascinating combination of two unique genes. As such, they have a very gorgeous combination of colors on their coats. 

What is EE cream in Dachshunds?

Clean Cream or English Cream dachshunds are a rare and very highly-valued and sought-after Doxie coat type.

As the name implies, they have a clean creamy color all across their coats, whether those coats are long, wiry, or short.

Are cream Dachshunds rare?

Clean Cream or English Cream dachshunds are quite rare indeed. Not as much as some of the rarest dachshund coat types such as the —

fully black dachshunds, but close. Naturally, this gives cream dachshunds a very high value and price. It’s not surprising to see —

purebred English Cream dachshund puppies sold for as much as $2,000 to $2,500 or even more – in some cases up to $5,000.

What color are Cream Dachshunds born?

English Cream dachshunds can look almost fully white when they are born and they slowly fill in with a cream color as they grow.

There is a slight misconception among people that cream dachshunds are actually black when they are born.

That’s true, in a way, but only if we’re talking about shaded cream dachshunds. Because these dogs have the EE genetic loci fo black color, —

their coats also have a touch of black in addition to the cream. So, they start black instead of white and then they also —

fill in with a cream color as they grow. When people talk about cream dachshunds, however, they usually mean the clean English cream coat color.

Due to how rare they are, cream dachshunds can hardly be found in shelters and rescues.

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