What Is The English Cream Dachshund Price And Is This Dog Worth It?


Different Doxies come with different coats and at different prices, so – what is the English cream dachshund price and is this dog worth it? This unique dachshund variation is exceptionally rare and beautiful, hence – its high price tag.

What Exactly Are English Cream Dachshunds?

The English cream dachshund isn’t a crossbreed or anything like that. Instead, it’s a purebred dachshund that simply has a unique gene that causes a gorgeous cream coat color.

Different Types Of English Cream Dachshunds

When talking about the English cream dachshund, there are generally 2-3 different sub-types people think of.

These dogs are a separate sub-breed from the above but are worth a mention to avoid confusion. Similar to their English cousins, American cream dachshunds have a light creamy color but theirs is due to a different gene altogether.

What About The American Cream Dachshund?

What Is The English Cream Dachshund Price Compared To Standard Dachshund?

The English cream dachshund price tag is the highest of all Doxie breeds. Prices change constantly so it’s difficult to point to a particular figure but the average price for a standard Doxie in the US ranges between $400 and $1,100.

Why Are English Cream Dachshunds So Much More Expensive?

It all comes down to rarity. There just aren’t enough of these pups to go around. And it isn’t an artificially maintained rarity as it is in the diamond industry, for example. English cream dachshunds just can’t be bred at higher rates if we don’t want to be left with a bunch of inbred and sickly puppies and a dead-end bloodline.

As expensive as $2,000-$5,000 is, we should remember that the main cost of owning a dog comes from food and vet care. Dachshunds live up to ~15 years on average and often reach 17, 18, or even 20 years of age. Add up all the food, toys, tools, and vet bills in that time and you’ll end up with a price tag that’s far greater than the initial English cream dachshund price.

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