Wheaton Wire Haired Dachshund – A Wild Boar Doxie


You may think that dachshunds are just cute and cuddly, but there are some truly “wild” Doxies out there. Meet the Wheaton wire-haired dachshund – a Wild Boar Doxie.

Wheaton Wire-haired Dachshund – What Type Of Doxie Is This?

Wheatons are a special type of wire-haired dachshund. They usually have a sort of golden color with shades of light brown and blonde.

Are Wheaton Dachshunds “Wild Boars”?

Wild Boar dachshunds are wire-haired dachshunds with unique coloring. Typically, the color is a mixture of grey, brown, and black. 

Almost but not quite. There are some smooth and long-haired Wheaton dachshunds out there but they are exceptionally rare.

Is A Wheaton Dachshund Always Wire-haired?

How Rare Are Wheaton Wire-haired Dachshunds?

They are pretty rare. The Rarest.org recognized wild boar dachshunds as one of the rarest dachshund colors.

Wheaton wire-haired dachshunds are a very unique-looking, pretty, and special type of Doxie. 

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