When Can Puppies See Clearly And When Do They Open Their Eyes?


Puppy eyesight is a fascinating topic and it’s really more cute than it is worrisome. While puppies are indeed blind for quite some time after birth, they can’t really move too well...

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Puppies of most breeds will open their eyes somewhere between their 2nd and 3rd week. Sometimes, a puppy can start opening its eyes as soon as the 10th day but it’s perfectly normal if it takes a bit longer.

Why Are Dogs’ Eyes Closed After Birth?

This does seem like an evolutionary oversight at first glance. After all, we know that human babies are born with their eyes open, so why is that not the case with dogs? There are a couple of factors that go into that: -Dogs don’t rely on their eyesight as much as we do...

Are puppies’ eyes the last sensory organ to develop? Not really. As late as their eyes open, pups will usually open their ears a couple of days later...

When Can Puppies See Clearly Compared To Other Senses?

Should You Help Open Your Puppy’s Eyes?

Absolutely not! Trying to force a pup’s eyes open can only damage them.

When Can Puppies See Clearly?

Usually, a pup’s eyes will completely clear between week 4 and week 5 after birth. That’s around the 1-month mark which is still quite good, all things considered.

As puppies’ eyes keep maturing during their first month, the tapetum lucidum in the eyes goes through the most changes.

Why Are Puppy Eyes So Blurry?

How To Care For Puppies Until They Can Start Seeing Clearly?

Now that we know when can puppies see clearly, the next question is what to do until then. It’s important to note that in that period...

Are There Health Problems To Watch Out For During The Puppy Eyesight Development Process?

Pups can be prone to eye infections if their environment isn’t clean enough. To avoid this, it’s important to plan out where the pups’ mother will look after them...

A dog’s eyes’ color can take up to 9 to 16 weeks or almost 4 months to fully develop and it will usually be black or dark brown.

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