When Is National Dachshund Day And How To Celebrate It?


Doxies are one of the most popular pet breeds in the world. So, it’s only logical to wonder when is National Dachshund Day and how to celebrate it? 

When Is National Dachshund Day?

In the US, National Dachshund Day is typically celebrated on June 21. 

Are There Other World/International/National Dachshund Days?

Some people cite June 22 for when is National Dachshund Day but their reasoning is the same – the longest day in the year.

The reasoning behind that decision was that the dachshund breed comes to us from Germany.

Why Have A National Dachshund Day When Every Day Is Dachshund Day?

National Dog Show Dachshund Successes

Doxies have won the Hound Group at the Westminister and have been finalists in the purebred pageant but they have never won it.

How Can You Celebrate National Dachshund Day?

If you’re to ask your Doxie, the answer would be “With treats, of course!” And that’s certainly a way to go. 

Giving your dog a few dog treats is always a good idea, however, especially when coupled with a long trip and playtime in the dog park. 

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