Who Is The Longest Wiener Dog In The World?


Finding the longest dachshund is actually a much harder task than you might think. We scoured the internet and found multiple claims of some phenomenally long Doxies but little proof. 

How Long Is The Longest Wiener Dog In The World?

Google says this dog is the world's longest dachshund. The actual length of the dog isn't mentioned and there's just a picture and a brief blog post. Hurricane Ike is also a contender for the title, but it's difficult to verify.

What Is The Standard Length Of A Dachshund?

Most of the time, they are about 17 to 17.5 inches (43 to 44 cm) long from the start of the tail to the base of the neck. They are the largest of all dogs.

Finding the largest dachshund in the world is even more impossible than finding the longest dog. While the length is a matter of skeletal structure, size, width, and heaviness are a matter of how overweight your dog is.

What Is The Largest Dachshund In The World?

Why Are Dachshunds So Long?

Dachshunds' length isn't an accident nor is it a byproduct of improper breeding. Instead, it's an intended benefit that allowed the breed to be as good of a hunting dog as possible.

Health Consequences Of The Dachshund Breed’s Incredible Length

- Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) - Dental issues - Cushing’s Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) - Obesity 

Health Consequences Of The Dachshund Breed’s Incredible Length

- Higher risk of developing certain - - cancers - Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease (DMVD) Lafora Disease - Seizures

Would You Actually Want To Have The Longest Wiener Dog In The World?

Owners can expect more health issues the longer a dachshund is. Co, you will need to take even better care of the dog in those cases. Whether your dog falls within the standard parameters of the breed . . .

We did find some interesting candidates for the title, however, and a lot of auto-generated articles that talked about actual sausages instead of “sausage dogs”.

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