Why Do Dachshunds Sleep On Their Backs And Is This A Problem – Here Are The 5 Main Explanations


This brings up the question of why do dachshunds sleep on their backs and is this a problem – here are the 5 main explanations.

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep On Their Backs?

The various reasons why your dog might have assumed this funny position can be summed up in the following 5 categories. The short version – no, it doesn’t indicate back pain.

Does Your Dog Sleeping On Its Back Indicate Back Pain?

Not really. With people, neurologists always tell us to sleep on our back when we have back pain but that’s not really the case with dogs. 

There isn’t just one position a dog will assume when in pain but probably the most common position you’ll see is the standard pose of laying on the side.

How Do Dachshunds Sleep When Their Back Hurts?

Cause it’s comfy, cause they are happy, cause they feel warm, or cause they want to sunbathe a little – there are multiple reasons for your dog to assume this peculiar position but none of them should worry you too much.

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