Why Is Your Dachshund Sleeping In A Strange Position? Should You Be Concerned?


Dachshunds and back problems are almost synonymous but what if your dachshund is sleeping on its back and in weird poses – should you be concerned?

1. Your Pup Is Still Young

Their bodies are still exceptionally flexible.

2. Your Doxie Feels Comfortable And At Ease In Your Home

The most common and simple explanation for a dachshund sleeping on back is that your dog feels safe in its surroundings.

3. Your Pet Wants To Get Some Belly Rubs

It may be that your dog wants affection.

4. It’s Time For Some Stretching

Back pains are not necessary for your dog to stretch its back a bit – we do it all the time too.

5. Your Dog May Be Enjoying The Sun

It may be that it’s just enjoying the sun rays on its belly.

6. Dachshunds Also Like To Cool Off That Way

Alternatively, if your dog is in the shade, it may be sleeping that way to cool off a bit.

So, a dachshund sleeping on back – should you worry? Not at all.

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