Why Long Haired Dachshunds Are Amazing House Pets


Dachshunds come in many visually-different types but how about their temperament? 

Are long haired Dachshunds calmer?

Compared to smooth and wire haired dachshunds? Yes.

Are long haired Dachshunds good family dogs?

They are, especially if your family wants a mostly indoors, cute, and funny dog with a nice and mellow personality. Dachshunds

Do long haired Dachshunds bark a lot?

Dachshunds are neither the loudest dog breed out there nor are they particularly quiet – they are very “middle of the road” in that regard.

Are long haired Dachshunds aggressive?

Not at all, not unless you’ve skipped their socialization or you provoke them too much.

But, going for a long-haired dachshund if you want a calmer and more chill Doxie isn’t a bad idea either. Just don’t rely solely on that.

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