Wild Boar Colored Dachshund – What Is This Unique Doxie?


Wild Boar wire haired dachshunds are one of the rarest and most beautiful coat types out there. So, Wild Boar colored dachshund – what is this unique Doxie?

What Does The Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Look Like?

To put it a bit better, the Wild Boar coat has a sort of shading similar to that of the much more common long haired red shaded dachshunds.

Is The Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Always Wire Haired?

There are the occasional smooth (short) haired dachshund with a Wild Boar pattern but those are even rarer. 

The shaded effect happens due to a combination of these genetic loci (multiple of locus) and the K locus for black color. 

Why Do Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Look Like This?

How Rare Are Wild Boar Colored Dachshund Pups?

• Wild Boar colored dachshunds aren’t as rare as English Creams or fully black dachshunds – they are in a second “less rare” category in that regard

Are Wild Boar Colored Dachshunds As Healthy As Other Doxies?

There’s nothing in the genetic make up of the Wild Boar dachshund that’d give it extra health problems compared to the more common Doxie coat types.

Should You Get A Wild Boar Doxie?

Wild Boars don’t really have any extra health issues compared to other dachshunds so that’s not something to make breeding and buying them “unethical”.

This “shading” essentially means that your dog’s hairs change color as they grow – they start with a lighter color around the base and get darker or outright black nearer the tips.

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