190+ Awesome Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

The Chiweenie cross is a fan favorite with its awesome looks and bright personality. So, what are our 190+ awesome dachshund Chihuahua mix names that’d fit such a cool crossbreed? Obviously, the possibilities are nearly endless as you can name your dog anything you like. But we thought we’d make things at least a bit easier for you with some of our favorite ideas.

Our Favorite Top 25 Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

What do you get when you cross the most adorable Mexican breed with the cutest German breed? A Chiweenie, of course. How do you name such an awesome dog, however? What name even is worth being bestowed upon such a great canine cross? Well, except the obvious “Chewie”, of course.

It’s a difficult task, admittedly. Still, let’s start with our choices for the top 25 dachshund Chihuahua mix names first:

  1. Chewie
  2. Beau
  3. Moppet
  4. Nemo
  5. Grog
  6. Tootsie
  7. Pickles
  8. Periwinkle
  9. Sushi
  10. Cotton
  11. Long John Silver (or Silly for short)
  12. Bobo
  13. Kitty
  14. Fidget
  15. Small Fry
  16. Pumpkin
  17. Hiccup
  18. Lil’ Sebastian
  19. Muffin
  20. Argyle
  21. Rolf
  22. Sprout
  23. Sage
  24. Nipper
  25. Pooh

What Makes For A Great Chiweenie Name?

As with anything else in life, love is the secret spice that makes dog names work. We can wax poetic all day about the science and psychology of dog names or the secret tricks of choosing a good training-friendly dog name.

However, you likely won’t be training your Chiweenie to hunt for boars and you’re only looking for a cute name for your pet. So, all that really matters is that the name is short and sweet and that you like saying it over and over again. And, don’t forget the golden rule – make sure it’s a name you’d be ok screaming in a crowded street.

50 Cool Male Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

Chiweenie boys don’t get flustered by anything we throw their way nor do they care what name you’ve got in store for them. Want to name your Chiweenie “Porky”? He won’t mind it at all. Want to name him Jormungandr instead? He’ll earn that name and then some. So, all that matters is that you pick the name you like most. Maybe one of the following?

50 Cool Male Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

  1. Humphrey
  2. Arlo
  3. Guinness
  4. Carter
  5. Mickey
  6. Wyatt
  7. Danny
  8. Prancer
  9. Oxford
  10. Harry
  11. Tracker
  12. Tom
  13. Levy
  14. Bozo
  15. Porkchop
  16. Charley
  17. Lenny
  18. Frankie
  19. Bruce
  20. Tony
  21. Quill
  22. Chester
  23. Jogger
  24. Admiral
  25. Lucus
  26. Tito
  27. Jake
  28. Logan
  29. Wayne
  30. Teddy
  31. Chico
  32. Elson
  33. Axel
  34. Chewy
  35. Ivan
  36. Scooter
  37. Rufus
  38. Theo
  39. Paws
  40. Benji
  41. Jonas
  42. Maxx
  43. Wally
  44. Buddy
  45. Toby
  46. Hopper
  47. Leon
  48. Boris
  49. Elmer
  50. Robin

50 Great Female Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

Lady Chiweenies can wear all types of names, be they lady-lake or goofy. After all, every girl is different and can be as dignified and mischievous as she likes. So, get to know her and pick the name that’d suit her best. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Brooke
  3. Pip
  4. Missy
  5. Lauren
  6. Callie
  7. Izzy
  8. Lizzy
  9. Cleo
  10. Bobby
  11. Sasha
  12. Lexi
  13. Aby
  14. Laurie
  15. Pocahontas
  16. Belle
  17. Chloe
  18. Liv
  19. Rapunzel
  20. Esmeralda
  21. Viola
  22. Haper
  23. Adelle
  24. Cinderella
  25. Layla
  26. Bella
  27. Ariel
  28. Ellie
  29. Pebbles
  30. Hannah
  31. Arwen
  32. Emma
  33. Brandy
  34. Florie
  35. Mia
  36. Ariel
  37. Elza
  38. Paisley
  39. Magnolia
  40. Ava
  41. Riley
  42. Lottie
  43. Sophie
  44. Bonnie
  45. Zoe
  46. Ella
  47. Mel
  48. Foxy
  49. Binky
  50. Grace

65 Extra Tiny Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

It may seem obvious to pick a “small dog” name for a Chiweenie but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. As big dogs in small bodies, Chiweenies have no qualms about their size after all. Here are a few tiny suggestions:

65 Extra Tiny Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names

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  1. Ping
  2. Smalley
  3. Dot
  4. Squirt
  5. Hobbit
  6. Gobby
  7. Nano
  8. Cobbles
  9. Biscuit
  10. Pipin
  11. Cookie
  12. Quantum
  13. Micro
  14. Leprechaun
  15. Min
  16. Marbles
  17. Wink
  18. Zip
  19. Bug
  20. Skip
  21. Proton
  22. Gumball
  23. Nugget
  24. Half Pint
  25. Quark
  26. Teensy
  27. Runt
  28. Peewee
  29. Smally
  30. Peanut
  31. Button
  32. Lilliput
  33. Atom
  34. Pip
  35. Crumb
  36. Bubble
  37. Droplet
  38. Pipsqueak
  39. Mini
  40. Minnie
  41. Baby
  42. Shorty
  43. Smudge
  44. Squat
  45. Tiny
  46. Grain
  47. Leaf
  48. Fleck
  49. Squeak
  50. Chip
  51. Specky
  52. Puny
  53. Pepper
  54. Speck
  55. Neutron
  56. Junior
  57. Bean
  58. Walnut
  59. Spotty
  60. Dotty
  61. Peanut
  62. Chicho
  63. Chicky
  64. Egg
  65. Jellybean

So, What’s Your Favorite Of Our 190 Dachshund Chihuahua Mix Names?

Or is your top pick something else entirely? After we all, we couldn’t have possibly fit all potential names in a single article as there are incalculable thousands of them. Want to name your Chiweenie “Artichoke”? Who are we to say no? As long as you’re happy with it, the name is guaranteed to fit.

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What's a good name for a Chiweenie?

Chiweenies are such a fun and multi-faceted breed that you can go whatever way you want with their names. You can toy around with their small size or mock them lovingly with a “big dog” name. You can pick a name that emphasizes their cuteness or one that accents their coolness. As long as the name is personal and near and dear to your heart, your Chiweenie will be happy to wear it.

What are some good dachshund names?

All names are good for dachshunds as long as you choose them with love. Of course, some do tend to fit these short-legged wonders more than others. Here are a few of our favorites: Wiggles Bobo Long John Silver Dot Piper Sprinter Teddy Rolf Blitz Benji Otto Gus Bruno Zander Bach Max Milo Racer Cooper Mad Max Crusoe Sausage Rocket

What are cute names for Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas are one of the cutest dog breeds so it’s no surprise that people gravitate toward names with a high cuteness factor for them. Such names include: Sebastian Kai Alejandro Finn Leo Bear Clover Dash Boots Sparky And others for boys. As well as some great cute names for girls such as: Sammy Jasmine Lily Mia Ava Bebe Ariel Sofia Princess Snowflake Buttercup Lake Pumpkin And more

What is the coolest dog name?

As an undeniably cool breed, Chiweenies need cool names too. After all, why should hounds and gun dogs get all the badass nicknames? So, here are a few cool suggestions for dachshund Chihuahua mix names: Jet Blizzard Flint Spark Drake Chase Tanner Cooper Harley Rex Tank Bear Mountain Thor Archer Jazz Chip Dino Skye Opal Arnie Phantom Sprite Rocket Ghost Bounty Hunter Cosmos Buck Jinx Dragon Buzz Ace Jaws Neo

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