2022 Royal Canin Dachshund Review – Controversies, Ingredients, Nutritional Value, And More

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Royal Canin has been one of the most famous pet food brands for decades. Are they still good today, however? Here’s our 2022 Royal Canin dachshund review – controversies, ingredients, nutritional value, and more. We’ll go over all that and more, including whether Royal Canin is a good choice for dachshunds in particular.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Royal Canin For Your Dachshund?

The three main things you should consider before getting Royal Canin are the same three considerations that apply to any other pet food brand:

  • Is that dog food nutritious, healthy, and of high enough quality?
  • Can my budget work with this dog food?
  • Does this dog food correspond to my dog’s individual needs such as allergies, extra specific nutritional needs, and so on?

For Royal Canin, the answer to the first question is a pretty solid “Yes”. This brand has managed to stay at the top of the pet food market for decades precisely because of its quality.

As far as its price is concerned, Royal Canin is certainly not “cheap” – there are many more budget-friendly pet food brands out there but they are almost always of worse quality too. On the other hand, Royal Canin isn’t the most expensive pet food out there either – there are many “premium quality” food brands that are more expensive than Royal Canin. This puts the brand in the upper end of the moderate price range.

When it comes to allergies and other individual needs, Royal Canin is similar to most other brands in that it offers many different food products with different ingredients. This allows you to choose the exact food product that’s suitable for your dog’s needs.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Royal Canin For Your Dachshund

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Why Are Some People Adamantly Opposed To Giving Their Pets Royal Canin?

All of the above sounds great so why do some people stand in such staunch opposition to Royal Canin? Simple – because the brand’s food ingredients often leave some things to be desired. For example, most Royal Canin foods have grains that many dogs should consume. Additionally, Royal Canin uses a lot of meat by-products, unlike most “premium” brands that use actual meat and veggies.

This is a valid point for some people to take issue with. However, this is also what allows Royal Canin to maintain competitive prices. And, it’s important to note that the brand manages to maintain high food quality and nutritional properties despite using meat by-products – something that can be said for most other brands that do so.

Besides, it’s also worth mentioning that “grain-free” isn’t always a good thing for pet food.

What Does Royal Canin Offer For Dachshunds?

Royal Canin has dedicated dachshund food products, as well as great wet and dry foods for weight loss, for allergies, for senior dogs as well as puppies, for back and joint problems, and more. Overall, whatever conditions or needs your dachshund has, Royal Canin is likely to have a food product for you.

Other Similar Foods Your Dachshund Might Enjoy

If you want a dog food with similar quality but a more affordable price tag we’d recommend checking out the following brands for kibble:

And the following wet foods:

In Conclusion – Is Royal Canin Good For Your Dachshund?

Overall – yes, Royal Canin should be quite good for your dachshund, provided that you pick the right food product for your dog’s needs. If you’re having trouble picking the right food out of Royal Canin’s vast catalog and/or you know that your dog has special needs, don’t forget to talk with your vet. However, as far as our Royal Canin dachshund review is concerned, we’d recommend this brand. The guys at Schlüsseldienst Berlin Lichtenberg really love dogs and advise you to take your pet seriously and choose your food wisely.

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Why do vets recommend Royal Canin?

It would sound redundant but vets recommend Royal Canin simply because it is a high-quality pet food brand. It is true that most Royal Canin foods contain grain and get their protein from meat by-products rather than whole meat and vegetables. However, what makes Royal Canin great is that it balances the nutritional value and healthy properties of its food products as well as possible despite of that. The end result is that Royal Canin pet food is both very healthy and relatively affordable or moderately priced.
That being said, if your dog has certain food allergies, it would be smart to pick the precise product you’re going to use carefully. Royal Canin does have some grain-free food products and a Hypoallergenic pet food line. So, talk with your vet not only about whether they recommend Royal Canin but which exact product they’d recommend for your dog.

How much Royal Canin should I feed my Dachshund?

Every different dog food product has its own meal size recommendations based on your dog’s body weight and age. Following those to the letter is always recommended regardless of what food brand we’re talking about and unless your vet has told you otherwise.
If your question is instead whether you should intermix Royal Canin with other food brands or switch between a few brands from time to time – that doesn’t seem necessary. While introducing new food products from time to time is recommended for diversity’s sake or when your dog’s nutritional/health needs require it, there’s nothing in Royal Canin inherently as a brand that necessitates a switch.

Can you mix Royal Canin with wet food?

You can and you should. Mixing wet and dry food is often cited as the best way to feed pets as both types of food have their benefits. Whether you mix them in each meal or alternate between them, it’s up to you.

Do you soak Royal Canin?

Soaking Royal Canin dry good kibble is not strictly necessary but it can be done and can even be very beneficial in some cases. Here are the main examples of when you’d want to soak your dog’s kibble:
• Soaking kibble in delicious liquids such as broth can work for picky eaters who otherwise avoid kibble
• Soaking in water is great if your pet doesn’t usually drink enough water
• For pets with sensitive stomachs, soaking the kibble is also great
• If your dog has dental issues and can’t chew comfortably, soaking its kibble is a good way to circumvent the problem