Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs? How To Choose The Perfect Apartment Dog!

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Are dachshunds good apartment dogs, or is this plucky little dog breed too energetic to be confined to an apartment? Let’s find out!

Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?

If you live in an apartment, bringing a new dog into your home is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Some dogs cope well with living in a smaller space, while others will resent the confinement and start to develop behavioral problems.

When choosing the perfect dog breed for apartment living, it is vital to take into account the energy levels and exercise needs of the dog. The size of the dog is also a factor, as large breed dogs can take up too much room in a small apartment. And finally, consider the noise levels of the dog, as your neighbors will not appreciate a dog that barks or whines all day!

Overall, dachshunds make good apartment dogs, as long as you take their individual personality traits into consideration. Their compact size means they can fit easily into most apartments, and they will love living in such close proximity with their human family.

Dachshunds have balanced energy levels – they like to run and play, but also love to spend time snuggled up in a favorite spot. Your dachshund will need sufficient daily exercise to keep these energy levels in check, otherwise, it may start to carry out destructive behaviors in your apartment.

The other consideration with dachshunds is that they are susceptible to back problems. They cannot cope with repeatedly going up and down stairs, so be prepared to carry your dachshund if your apartment building does not have a lift. You should also place ramps and steps to help your dachshund get up and down from the furniture.

 are dachshunds good family dogs

Are Dachshunds Good Family Dogs?

With their sweet, amenable nature and playful attitude, dachshunds make great family dogs. These little wiener dogs are rarely aggressive and do not tend to demonstrate possessive or territorial behaviors.

Dachshunds love to be part of the action, and will thrive as part of your busy family life. Be prepared to find your dachshund wherever there is something going on – they are incredibly nosy and don’t like to miss out on anything!

As with all dog breeds, take care with dachshunds around younger children and babies and never leave them alone together unsupervised. Because dachshunds can be prone to spinal injuries, older children must be taught how to pick up these dogs correctly to minimize the risk of injury.

Do Wiener Dogs Bark A Lot?

The only downside to keeping a dachshund in an apartment is that, if not trained correctly, they may bark a lot. Dachshunds do not bark to be naughty – these little dogs used to be used for hunting, and barking is part of their genetic makeup. However, a dachshund that repeatedly barks will soon cause complaints from your neighbors.

When bringing a dachshund into your apartment home, it is a good idea to set clear boundaries right from the start. If your dog starts to bark, do not acknowledge this behavior – any kind of attention, good or bad, will only encourage the dog to bark more in the future.

Dachshunds are very easy to train, and many dachshund owners teach their dogs the ‘speak’ and ‘quiet’ commands. It is only natural for your dachshund to bark at visitors knocking on your door, but using the ‘quiet’ command followed by a treat can help to keep your home peaceful and harmonious.

 can dachshunds be left alone

Can Dachshunds Be Left Alone?

Dachshund, like most dogs, are sociable creatures that like to be around humans and other dogs. So, can you leave a dachshund alone in your apartment, or will this cause problems?

Training any new dog to accept being alone is a slow and gradual process, but it is worth putting the effort in at the start. You will be rewarded with dog that is relaxed and happy in its own company, rather than one that gets distressed and starts exhibiting unwanted or destructive behaviors.

Crate training can be very beneficial to help your dachshund learn how to cope alone. If used correctly, the dog crate becomes a place where your dachshund feels safe and secure.

Do Dachshunds Need A Lot Of Exercise?

Dachshunds are energetic little dogs, but their small size means that they can get tired easily. Ideally they should have several shorter walks every day, rather than one long walk. Remember that they should not go up and down stairs on a regular basis, so will need to be carried or use the lift.

The joy of keeping a dachshund in an apartment is that these dogs are small enough to run around and play inside without causing complete chaos in the apartment. However, this is no substitution for outdoor exercise, which is essential to keep your dachshund fit and healthy.

If you are planning on keeping your dachshund in an apartment, it will need taking out regularly for toilet breaks.It is also a good idea to find a local dog park where your dachshund can run free and play with other dogs. Day trips out to the countryside or beach will also be appreciated by your dachshund, as well as the rest of the family!

Summary – Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?

So, as we have learned, the small size of dachshunds makes them good apartment dogs, but it is important to take into account their energetic and playful nature. Dachshunds like to be part of busy family life, and will not thrive if left alone for long periods. These little dogs can also suffer from back problems, so should not be made to repeatedly go up and down stairs to an apartment.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on are dachshunds good apartment dogs! Do you live in an apartment and are struggling to choose the right dog for your living conditions? Or perhaps you’ve got some questions about how to get a dachshund used to living in an apartment? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!