Basset Hound Wiener Dog Mix – The Awesome Basschshund

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We’re used to looking past many dog crossbreeds but some are worth look at and one of those is the basset hound wiener dog mix – the awesome basschshund! This mixed breed is one of the best and most underrated family pets out there. Gentle, loving, playful, low-maintenance, and great with kids, the basset hound wiener dog mix is perfect for almost every household.

But, to give you an idea of what to expect from this breed, let’s go over all the basics below.

Physical Characteristics Of The Basset Hound Wiener Dog Mix

As both basset hounds and dachshunds are mid to small-sized dogs, so is the basschshund. The standard height of these dogs is usually between 12 and 14 inches (30 to 35 cm). As for their weight, it varies within the 25 to 45-pound range (11 to 20 kg).

The colors of the coat will vary a lot too, depending on the colors of the parents. The most common colors will include white and brown, black and brown, a light brown and gold combination, or a tri-color variant.

As both basset hounds and dachshunds are short-legged dogs with elongated bodies, so is the basschshund. The head will also always be elongated as both breeds have that feature. However, the exact shape of the muzzle will vary between more dachs-like or more basset-like from pup to pup.

The same goes for the ears – both bassets and Doxies have floppy ears but the exact length and floppiness will depend on who the crossed pup takes more from.

All in all, basschshunds look a lot like their parents and their parents look a lot like each other. This makes for a very consistent look for the basschshund which is rare for a crossbreed.

 basset hound dachshund mix

What Is The Personality Of The Dachshund Basset Mix?

Another aspect in which basset hounds and dachshunds are similar is their overall personality. Both breeds are scent hounds, meaning that they were used to track and hunt forest prey with hunters in Europe. As a result of that, both bassets and Doxies have are very goal-oriented, love to play and chase things, and absolutely love their owners.

Both breeds are prone to attach to a single person in the household more than most others but, with the right care and socialization, this isn’t too pronounced of an issue.

All of this applies to the basset hound wiener dog mix. All crossbreeds take varying traits from their two parent breeds but in the basschshund’s case, the traits of both parent breeds are just that similar.

Another feature the basschshund inherits is the high intelligence inherent to all scent hound breeds. This is fantastic if you want to play with your dog, teach it tricks, and have fun. At the same time, it does mean that you’ll need to watch out for separation anxiety.

This is an issue many new dog owners aren’t ready for but it can manifest in some very problematic ways. Highly intelligent dog breeds that are forced to stay home alone for too long quickly develop anxiety, depression, disobedience tendencies, and even destructive behavior toward furniture and other household items.

There are several possible solutions:

  • Just don’t leave your dog alone for too long – if working from home is an option, that’d be ideal.
  • Make sure a family member is always home.
  • Hire a dog walker or a dog sitter.
  • Arrange for playdates with other dog owners.
  • Get a ton of interactive and anti-anxiety toys.
  • Exhaust your basschshund from playtime before you leave home.
  • Get a second dog to keep your dog company while you’re away.

If you can’t facilitate a few or any of these then you may want to look into a breed with fewer attachment issues.

What Are The Exercise Needs Of The Basset Hound Dachshund Mix?

If you’re not that outdoorsy of a person, the basset hound wiener dog mix may be the right dog for you. These dogs will typically need about 40 to 60 minutes of outdoor time per day divided into two 20-30 minute walks. Aside from that, however, these dogs don’t need that much extra yard time. Instead, basschshunds will be more than happy to get the rest of their exercise needs at home with you and/or toys.

Health Breakdown Of The Basset Hound and Dachshund Mix

Health-wise this is a very middle-of-the-road breed. There are healthier overall dogs out there but a basschshund can certainly have a long, healthy, and happy life too, with the right care.

The main issues to watch out for with this breed include:

Getting your dog from a reputable breeder and with a proper health certificate is the first crucial step to avoiding most of those issues. After that, just follow the main three tips – good diet, regular exercise, and routine vet check-ups.

Pros and Cons Of The Basset Hound Wiener Dog Mix


  • Basschshunds are exceptionally intelligent and inquisitive dogs
  • This cross makes for a fantastic family pet and gets along with children
  • The basset hound wiener dog mix doesn’t need too much outdoor time and does well in apartments


  • Due to their scent hound past, these dogs have a prey drive that can be a problem with non-dog pets such as cats and birds
  • There are some possible health issues you’ll need to watch out for
  • Basschshunds make for good watchdogs which is nice but some no-bark training may be needed for apartment living

Should You Get A Basschshund?

If you want a calm, intelligent, mid-sized, and loyal dog for you, your family, and your kids – the basschshunds are one of the best options. These dogs don’t need too much outdoor time and they get along with other dogs. Watch out of you have non-dog pets, however, and consider your choice carefully if you need to work outside of your home.

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