Can Dachshunds Eat Apples – Quick Diet Facts

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Caring for a dog implies dietary needs, and we find certain foods that are toxic to dogs, so asking can dachshunds eat apples is a fair question. Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly recommended for a healthy dog diet, that can even be budget-friendly. 

Seeking to diversify your dog’s food should involve nutritious food with enough vitamins and minerals for healthy meals. Apples are one such food that has plenty of nutrients and dogs can definitely eat them safely. They are also readily available and can be quite convenient in expanding a healthy diet for your dog. 

Can Dachshunds Eat Apples?

Many different fruits can be hazardous to dogs, such as grapes and avocado, but apples are safe for them to eat. Although the question of can dachshunds eat apples come with a few sidenotes. 

Some precautions need to be taken with the seeds which, apart from being a choking hazard, can also contain cyanide. Taking out the apple cores before feeding the apple pulp to your dog is advisable. There is also the issue of quantity, as apples won’t make for a filling and nutritious meal on their own. 

Deciding How Much Apple To Give A Dog

Answering questions like can mini dachshunds eat apples, is swiftly followed by how much apple can a dog eat? Apples fall under the category of treats, and as such should be given in moderation. What this means is that a dachshund should not eat a whole apple at once. 

Rotating a few slices of apple with other fruit or vegetables like banana or carrot is the way to go. Essentially a treat should not exceed more than 10% of a doxie’s meal throughout the day. Dachshunds are fairly small dogs and too much apple with its rich fiber and contents of water can upset their stomachs. 

Usually, a slice or two of apple is enough of a treat for an adult dachshund. A puppy might only have a smaller cube since they are smaller. Maintaining a healthy portion control assures enough nutrients get to them without causing stomach problems. 

Wondering at what age can puppies eat apples is another common consideration. Usually at 8 weeks when puppies can be taken home from their mom, they can start to eat more solid foods. A small piece of apple is a good treat for a puppy and can help with teething and keeping teeth clean. 

Deciding How Much Apple To Give A Dog

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What Kind Of Apples To Choose For A Dachshund?

Opting for organic apples is the best choice so that they are less likely to be coated with pesticides or other chemicals. Even so, washing the apples before feeding some to your dog is a good idea. 

Peeling the apple is another way of feeding apple slices to a dog and provides fewer fibres. As for what type of apple with regards to variety, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a pink lady or a gala apple. 

Why Are Apples Good For Dachshunds? 

As a healthy treat, apples are low in fat and high in fibers and vitamins. They also contain natural sugar which is why moderation is key when feeding apples to dogs. There are situations where dogs have digestive problems and apples should be avoided. Checking with a vet first, in circumstances such as these, is important. 

Think about whether can dachshunds eat apples could potentially lead to wondering if they like apples. Most dogs generally like apples, but there could be exceptions. The crunchy treat is a favorite with many dogs and that can be used in training, with an apple as motivation. It helps that apples are an inexpensive option for a doggy treat. 

Apples and Allergies

Caution is good in situations where we may question are dogs allergic to apples? If this is a concern, seeking help from a veterinary professional is the best way to introduce new foods. There could be a possibility where a dachshund would be allergic to apples, or at least not tolerate them. 

There can also be dog treats that contain apples and be considered viable options by dog owners. Having concerns about allergies would mean looking at food products as well. Other ingredients from dog treats could also contribute to allergic reactions. 

Applesauce is another great treat to offer to a dachshund. Even with this, if artificial ingredients are a concern, one can make applesauce at home very easily. Natural sweeteners like honey are a better choice than sugar, or simply leaving it unsweetened. Once made, applesauce can be frozen in a cube tray and become a perfect treat for warmer weather. 


Pondering if can dachshunds eat apples brings a nice healthy treat for your dogs. Removing the core of the apple first to avoid the seeds, and preparing a slice or two, is enough to make up a treat. The seeds can be a choking hazard for the dog but also contain cyanide so it’s best avoided. 

Allergies can be an issue, but it’s not usually something many dogs have to face. As a viable treatment option, apples in combination with other veggies and fruit make for a diversified diet. Any treat should not supply more than 10% of the whole day’s meal, and that also goes for fresh apples. 

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Can mini dachshunds eat apples?

Apples are a great treat for dogs, especially in combination with other healthy veggie alternatives. It’s good to check whether dogs can eat certain foods as there are some that are toxic to dogs, such as grapes.

How much apple can a dog eat?

Portioning treats for dogs depends on their size, and dachshunds are quite a small breed. For an adult dachshund, a slice or two of apple would be enough to give as a treat. Since puppies are smaller, a small cube is sufficient as a treat and has other cleaning benefits like maintaining their growing teeth.

Are dogs allergic to apples?

Allergies to apples are not a common occurrence, but it’s something that can happen. To safely check any suspicious regarding allergies, seek the advice of a vet.

At what age can puppies eat apples?

Introducing solid food to puppies usually starts at around the age of 8 weeks. Maybe waiting for a month would be enough to make sure they can chew it.