Quick Guide – Can Dachshunds Eat Bananas?

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Not all human food is suitable for dog consumption so when shopping for natural treats specific questions will pop up, like can dachshunds eat bananas? Wanting the best for a pet companion extends to treats and as such we want to spoil them sometimes. 

Making sure certain human food treats, like bananas, are safe is the first step. The short answer is yes, bananas are safe for dachshunds and dogs in general. Many beneficial vitamins and minerals from bananas can be healthy for your dog. Before feeding them this tasty treat we should know more information on the good and bad of this fruit. 

How Is A Banana Good For Dogs? 

In moderation, banana is good for dogs as they can offer nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like magnesium and potassium. Unlike store-bought treats, which could be fatty and salty, bananas are healthier and can serve as special sweet treats. 

Higher quantities of fiber from bananas help with digestion and maintain regular bowel movements. The magnesium helps bone development as well as promotes protein production to absorb vitamins. 

Potassium is an essential electrolyte that can regulate body fluids. This in turn aids muscle development and keeps optimal blood vessel functions. Keeping sight of dosage is an important part of supplying banana treats to your dog. 

Vitamin C is also present in bananas and as an antioxidant, it can boost the immune system. It additionally helps create cartilage and protects cells from damage.

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How Often Can Dachshunds Eat Bananas?

While banana safety for dachshunds is not something to be feared, too much of anything can’t be good. Bananas are mostly a treat and should not be a staple food every day. Once in a while, it’s fine but too often can be detrimental in the long run. 

banana is good for dogs

How Much Banana Can A Dachshund Eat?

It’s vital to provide any treat in moderation as they are not the basic food your dog needs every day. When it comes to bananas, many people give their dachshunds a few chunks or slices occasionally. A whole banana at once would be too much. The high concentration of sugar and magnesium could affect their stomach and cause vomiting. 

How Can Dachshunds Eat Bananas?

The simple banana is a great treat on its own but how else could a dachshund eat a banana? Homemade treats for dogs can be very healthy and those include ones that contain bananas. 

Frozen bananas are a good way to both keep a dog entertained and cool off during the summer. Mashed banana in a kong toy is a good idea to provide a more indirect medium to the banana, and pose a challenging mind puzzle. Frozen banana will also preserve it for longer, especially if your dachshund enjoys it like that. 

Bananas are often processed into different forms of consumption and some of them can be used as dog treats. Dehydrated banana chips are a delicious dog treat that still has all the nutritious value. 

Too highly processed banana chips however are not so healthy as they can have higher concentrations of sugar. Preservatives are also not a good thing to offer a dog from processed banana chips. This form of bananas can serve as a perfect energy-boosting treat provided they are naturally dehydrated and preserved. 

Banana bread is a tasty human treat especially if you have a couple of forgotten overripe bananas around. But could you share the tasty banana bread treat with your dachshund? It’s possible to feed your dog some banana bread provided it follows certain criteria. 

Banana on its own is safe enough, but it’s a different thing entirely for banana bread. If you plan on baking banana bread and intend to feed some to your dog, avoid raisins and chocolate. As tasty as these two ingredients will enhance the banana bread, they are toxic to dogs. 

Bananas are high in sugar on their own, but that sugar concentration only increases in banana bread. It also has more fat in it as butter is an ingredient. All that said, a few tweaks in the recipe can make banana bread tasty for both humans and dachshunds. Coconut oil can be supplied instead of regular butter and less sugar or a sugar substitute helps regulate its concentration. 

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels?

can dogs eat banana peels

It’s unadvised to let your dog eat the banana peel, but throw it away beforehand and offer them the soft sweet fruit. Peels from bananas are not toxic but they do have a lot of fiber which can be harder to digest. 

This overload of fiber may also cause stomach aches, constipation, and even blockages in extreme cases. If your dog ate banana peel, then monitoring them is important to make sure no blockages have developed. 

Can Bananas Be Bad For Dogs?

When searching for answers to the question, can dachshunds eat bananas, other questions arise like what if they eat too much? Eating anything in excess will not be good for a dog, and the same goes for bananas. 

Some side effects of overeating bananas include constipation, excessive absorption of potassium that leads to heart problems, blood sugar irregularities, and weight gain. 

If there is any suspicion that your dog ate too much banana by accident seeking vet advice is the best option. Especially if they show signs of discomfort such as whining, yelping, dilated pupils, or general discomfort. 

Are Dachshunds Allergic To Bananas? 

Having a dog allergic to bananas can be common, and if any signs of this are evident, vet support is a necessity. Some of these signs could be diarrhea, itching, swelling, rashes, and breathing problems. Starting with small pieces of banana and seeing what effects it may have is a good way to discover allergic reactions. 


In looking to find an answer to the question, can dachshunds eat bananas, some interesting new treat ideas will pop up. Frozen pieces of banana are a nice special treat for dachshunds that love this treat. 

Some issues may arise, like potential allergies, or figuring out how much to give your dachshund. Moderation is key and it can be quite an enjoyable treat for your dog.

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