Can Miniature Dachshunds Climb Stairs?

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The dachshund is a popular breed especially for its short stature, and this can lead owners to ponder: can miniature dachshunds climb stairs? The doxie comes in two distinct sizes, miniature and standard, both of which display short legs. While the standard size is considered somewhat more agile, a concern for stair climbing extends to both. 

Looking to assure our pet companions’ safety and comfort often extend to their physical capabilities, like attempting stair climbing. There can even be instances where fear leads them to not even attempt the climb. Some things can be done about it, either to ensure a safe climb or to prevent it. 

The Physical Build Of The Dachshund

This breed bears many characteristics that place it in the hound group, so they can be quite athletic as hunting dogs. Strong senses and high stamina show the doxie to be an energetic dog. This high energy however is possible only in short bursts and not lengthy physical strains. 

Hunting instincts also guide their interactions, so they won’t often be intimidated easily by a flight of stairs. So they will most definitely attempt running up them, and too many trips might prove too much for the doxie. 

The bulk of the issues that can arise is due to their long bodies and short legs, which are very atypical for any dog. This feature is what ultimately garnered them the nickname ‘hotdog’. 

Although dachshunds are hunters, used in the past for badger hunting, they’re not the most resilient to physical activity. What they lack in stamina they more than compensate in personality and wit. Courageous to a fault, a doxie is a vigilant watchdog, with a serious bark similar to that of larger dogs. 

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Can Miniature Dachshunds Climb Stairs?

Even though dachshunds are close to the ground with their short legs and long bodies, they can climb stairs. Of course, this may not happen immediately, as some doxies can be a little scared to try. Some hilarious situations could occur as they may be more confident to climb but not go down. 

Whether you have stairs inside the home or at the entrance, convincing a doxie to escalate them, could require encouragement. Positive reinforcement is maybe the most efficient way to do so, with treats and praise. 

Puppies can have a harder time with this new skill, and it’s absolutely fine to avoid it entirely. Puppies especially need time to develop their joints without extraneous strain in their puppy stage. Large and long stairs only make this more difficult, so it’s important to go about this according to context. 

As adults, dachshunds may find climbing stairs a whole lot easier and in time this becomes a habit. This habit in time can contribute to exhaustion and in the long run, may even negatively impact their health. Sometimes is not a question of can miniature dachshunds climb stairs, but if they should. It’s not entirely recommended that dachshunds attempt this activity very often. 

are stairs bad for dachshunds

What Could Impede Dachshunds From Climbing Stairs? 

A hunting background is not always the best guarantee for judging the certain physical abilities of a doxie. There are a few conditions that can make it more difficult for them to use stairs. Pre-existing conditions that cause pain or poor eyesight are one such obstacle. 

Pregnancy is another condition to bear in mind when it comes to stairs. The discomfort of pregnancy is not the only factor to consider as the due date is coming, but exhaustion as well. 

It’s already difficult to have a pregnant doxie be comfortable all through the process, so letting them escalate stairs is not wise. As they are so low to the ground, their bellies can also hit the steps, causing yet more discomfort. 

Are Stairs Bad For Dachshunds?

Scaling stairs routinely each day can have negative effects on a mini doxie. Constant stretching and bending their back, and neck can stress these areas and cause damage in time. The impact they sustain every day is not the sort of exercise they require. 

Many vets recommend avoiding jumping and pressure on the dachshund’s spine. Keeping these kinds of impacts and jolts to a minimum will protect their backs. Some such activities extend not only to climbing stairs but jumping on the bed or couch.

Solutions For Dachshunds And Stairs

Going up and down the stairs could be unavoidable especially for houses with more than one floor. So how can dachshunds go up and down stairs safely on a regular basis? 

Pondering the question: can miniature dachshunds climb stairs, This will not stop them from trying. So particular measures need to be implemented to discourage them from it, especially if you want to protect them from injury. 

Installing a doggy gate is maybe the most effective way to stop them from going up or down the stairs. Another such gate may be of use upstairs to prevent them from going down. Then it’s just a matter of going through the gate without letting them pass by as well, or carrying them safely. 

As for jumping on the couch or bed, this is where a ramp would prove useful. Such ramps are designed to help dogs like the doxie climb to a couch or bed without stressing their backs. They may need some coaxing and encouragement with treats to understand how to use them.

In the beginning, having the ramp flat on the floor will make it look less intimidating. Getting your dachshund to walk on it like that makes it a fun game for them and will be easy when it’s fully installed. 

dachshunds and stairs


To answer the question: can miniature dachshunds climb stairs, we have to consider more than just capability. Yes, dachshunds can go up the stairs, and training can help them be confident in doing so. That is not to say they should regularly climb stairs, as repeated strain from this exercise can cause health problems. 

Knowing pre-existing conditions that could hinder a dachshund from climbing stairs, will help in finding solutions to ease the strain. Luckily solutions abound for the little sausage dog to safely and easily go everywhere without stressing their bodies.

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